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Criminal Defense

My representation is honest and straightforward. I will give you a realistic understanding of how your case will unfold and your chances of success, as well as the legal options and solutions at our disposal.

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Iowa Defense Attorney

As You Seek An Iowa Defense Attorney, Consider Me, Joseph Vogel

When you are facing criminal charges, you need representation you can trust to avoid the serious impact that a conviction could have on your life. I am attorney Joseph Vogel of Vogel Law, PLLC. My practice is solely dedicated to zealously advocating on behalf of those who have been accused of a crime.

Full-Service Criminal Defense

My firm handles all forms of criminal defense. Clients’ cases involve charges of drug crimes, BWI and OWI, white collar crimes and other theft crimes, sex crimes and felony charges. To learn what to expect as I defend you in a criminal matter, contact me at 515-243-1978.

Clear Communication Is Key

As your criminal defense lawyer, I will provide you with an honest and clear explanation of where your case stands and the options available to you. Some cases could result in having the charges reduced or dropped or an acquittal. Some might not. However your case is headed, I will aggressively fight to minimize the impact on your life and your future.

You Deserve To Understand Your Case

Throughout the process, I will explain all options at each step, including risks associated with each. I provide you with the information you need and allow you to make educated decisions regarding what is best for you and your future. As an attorney trained as police are trained in OWI, I bring valuable knowledge to the task of defending people charged with drunk driving.

My Reputation As A Strong Defender Can Serve You Well

Prosecutors throughout the state know the aggressive approach that I take on behalf of clients. I will fight for the best possible deal. If one is not available and you choose to go to trial, you can trust my abilities and track record for success in court.

To speak with me about your case and the representation I can provide, please contact our Des Moines law offices today at 515-243-1978.

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