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For Defense From Firearms Offense Charges In Iowa

“Gun rights” and “gun control” are hot-button topics in our world today. They are also often political slogans more than a definition of existing laws already on the books. If you have been charged with a weapons offense, a court of law will judge you by what is in our Iowa and federal statutes, rather than on the basis of someone’s ideals or preferences. Therefore, the first qualification that your defense attorney should have is an in-depth understanding of both state and federal laws pertaining to firearms.

A Lawyer With A Thirst For Knowledge And Justice

I am Joseph P. Vogel, Des Moines-based defense attorney with a thirst for knowledge. I set a high bar for my proficiency in any field that I involve myself in, including criminal defense of Iowans charged with violations of laws of the land pertaining to firearms. I am prepared to defend you vigorously before any prosecutor, judge or jury if you have been charged with a crime involving weapons, such as:

  • Possession or use of a dangerous weapon while participating in a forcible felony such as sexual assault or domestic assault
  • Unauthorized possession of an offensive weapon, such as a machine gun or a bomb
  • Trafficking in stolen weapons
  • Felon in possession of a weapon
  • Conveying a weapon to a minor without his or her parents’ consent

It is the prosecutor’s obligation to prove your guilt without a shadow of a doubt in order to secure a conviction when you face weapons charges or charges for any crime. My investigations are thorough as I prepare to hold prosecutors’ feet to the fire, so to speak, when the liberties of my clients are at stake. I am prepared to use every reasonable defense on your behalf if I am your advocate before any local, state or federal court after you have been accused of a gun crime.

Know Your Rights — Stand Up For Your Rights — Contact Vogel Law, PLLC

Schedule a consultation with me by calling 515-243-1978 or sending an email. Together, we will review the facts behind your firearms offense charges and devise an effective strategy for your defense.