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‘Theft Crimes’ — A Term Encompassing Many Alleged Illegal Acts

If you have been charged with any of the following types of theft, prompt action obtaining a lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Theft as a criminal category is not restricted to acts of shoplifting, larceny and robbery. It also includes white collar crimes such as embezzlement and fraud. Other theft crimes described in Iowa statutes include:

  • Taking possession or control of the property of another with the intent to deprive him or her of possession of it.
  • Misappropriating property held in trust for someone else, by using or disposing of it in a manner that is inconsistent with or in denial of that trust.
  • Obtaining the labor or services of another, or a transfer of property, by deception.
  • Exercising control over stolen property.
  • Writing a bad check or paying by forgery to purchase anything or pay rent.
  • Obtaining gas, electricity, water, cable television or telephone services by intentionally tampering with a meter or device.
  • Knowingly obtaining computer services without authorization.

Defending you in the face of credit card fraud accusations or any criminal charges after you have been named as a suspect in a theft case will involve keeping you informed of your rights and undertaking an investigation into facts and allegations. Honesty and creativity are hallmarks of Vogel Law, PLLC.

I Can Provide A Thorough Review, Honest Legal Counsel And Clear Expectations

If I am your advocate in a theft crime defense case, I, attorney Joseph Vogel, will begin by getting to know you, reviewing your case and letting you know what to expect as your case moves through the criminal justice system. Perhaps we will achieve a case dismissal from the start. If not, however, I want to prepare you to make the decisions in your own best interests as you make your plea and decide whether to accept a prosecutor’s plea bargain offer.

Get A Lawyer On Your Side Even If You Have Not Yet Been Charged

What if you are the subject of rumors of embezzlement at your workplace or in your responsibilities as a financial officer managing funds for a nonprofit organization? Even if criminal charges have not been filed, I urge you to contact our Des Moines law offices to request a confidential initial consultation. The earlier you have an attorney on your side, the more opportunities there will be for a favorable outcome. We may be able to resolve your case proactively, before it becomes a criminal defense matter.

Get your defense underway without delay. Call our Des Moines law offices at 515-243-1978 or submit our online intake form to schedule a consultation.