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Criminal Defense Attorney In Des Moines Serving The Metro Area And Beyond

Criminal charges of any kind are serious and could result in significant penalties, as well as a criminal record that will follow you far into the future, visible to employers or anyone pulling a background check. If you have been charged with a crime, take control of the situation by calling a skilled criminal defense lawyer immediately to begin fighting the charges and protecting your future.

Criminal Defense Attorney — Experience You Can Trust

I am attorney Joseph Vogel, and I have dedicated my legal practice to aggressively fighting for those facing criminal charges, providing each case the attention and hard work needed to deliver the best possible results. I work zealously with local prosecutors and district attorneys throughout Iowa on behalf of my clients.

If you have been charged, call me today. I will immediately begin putting together legal solutions and a strategic defense needed to confront the charges and protect your interests.

I represent clients charged with a full range of criminal offenses in Iowa, including:

  • Drug crimes — Charges often involve controlled substances such as marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs and Ecstasy-type drugs. Clients may have been charged with misdemeanor possession, possession with intent to sell, manufacturing or felony distribution or trafficking. In Iowa, meth charges are accelerated, as are multiple offenses.
  • OWI — The outcome of a drinking and driving case is determined by the ability of your attorney to evaluate the evidence against you and work with prosecutors to reach an advantageous deal. I have been successful in helping people throughout Iowa, delivering results and protecting their futures and driving privileges.
  • Theft crimes — I defend clients charged with larceny, robbery and burglary, as well as fraud or theft through technology or elaborate schemes. White collar crimes require a sophisticated defense strategy. I understand the best possible defenses against these allegations as well as the investigation methods needed to clear your reputation.
  • Other crimes, including domestic violence, willful injury, violent and sexual abuse of children, arson, gun offenses, simple misdemeanors and serious felony charges.

Des Moines Criminal Law Attorney Emphasizing Plain English Explanations

I will help you understand all aspects of your case, including what the prosecution has against you, evidence involved, and any defenses or options at our disposal. You will be provided the information you need to make an educated decision regarding what is best for you and your future.

Call me today at 515-243-1978.