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Handling Domestic Abuse Cases For Des Moines Area Clients

Domestic abuse can occur in any domestic relationship, or between any two people who have lived together in the past year. While many people assume that only significant others can be charged with domestic abuse, this can also include roommates, renters, family members or anyone else who has lived together with someone else in the last year.

Domestic assault can be any kind of physical contact that is demeaning or results in injury. It also applies to threats of physical violence or use of a weapon or object in a way that makes the person believe that he or she will be harmed.

While this is intended to protect individuals from a broad range of dangerous situations, it also leaves room for innocent individuals to be charged for vague reasons. It is not uncommon for such allegations to be thrown around in the middle of a family law dispute or a personal fight.

Domestic Abuse Lawyer – Representation Following No-Contact Orders And Allegations Of Spousal Abuse

Law enforcement must take these allegations seriously and act immediately, usually arresting the accused individual, only to have the matter sorted out later or the accuser confess to lying about the incident.

A conviction carries a lot of consequences, including social stigma, a record that is visible to employers and the loss of your gun rights for life.

It is important that you contact an attorney as quickly as possible after the charges to ensure that your interests are protected. There are a range of rules you must abide by following a charge, including how and when you can make contact with your accuser. I will help you understand your rights and limitations.

I understand how prosecutors handle these cases and will zealously advocate on your behalf to ensure that your interests are protected. I will put together a strategy on your behalf to accomplish the best possible outcome, protecting your interests. Call me today at 515-243-1978 or fill out my online contact form.