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Frequently Asked Questions About Drunk Driving Charges In Iowa

Whether you are facing your first operating while intoxicated (OWI) charge or accused of a second or third offense, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. Vogel Law, PLLC in Des Moines is here to help you protect your rights and freedom. If you need an Iowa OWI lawyer, call attorney Joseph P. Vogel at 515-243-1978 or send an email for a free initial consultation.

Why should I hire an OWI lawyer?

Don’t go up against an Iowa drunk driving charge on your own, and don’t trust your case to a less experienced lawyer. I am OWI defense attorney Joseph P. Vogel. I have gone through the same OWI training that police officers go through. I have a long record of success in OWI cases. Put me on your side right away if you have been arrested for drunk driving in the Des Moines area.

What are my defense options if I’m accused of a second or third OWI?

Defense becomes more complicated for a second, third or subsequent OWI charge because it tends to show a pattern of behavior. However, you can still challenge the basis of the traffic stop, the officer’s judgment and the accuracy of any blood alcohol content (BAC) testing.

In some cases, a deferral may be possible for an OWI conviction. A person can be eligible for only two deferred judgments in their lifetime. A deferred judgement can prevent an OWI conviction from showing up to employers. However, if you were convicted of felony OWI, you would generally not be eligible for a deferral.

I will suggest a strategic approach based on the specifics of your case.

Will I lose my driver’s license after an OWI arrest?

If law enforcement confiscated your license during an OWI arrest, time is of the essence. Upon receiving a notice of suspension from the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), you have a 10-day window to request a hearing to appeal the suspension.

Failing to take prompt action could result in losing your driving privileges for an extended period. I encourage you to contact my law office today if the police took your driver’s license. I can handle the administrative IDOT side of your case , as well as the OWI charge itself.

I blew over the legal limit. Do I still have an OWI defense?

I will carefully review the details of your OWI arrest, including the administration of the breathalyzer and field sobriety tests.

It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers to make errors or overlook procedural requirements during the arrest process, potentially violating your constitutional rights.

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